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They're using GPS units to keep an eye on their vast properties, with the click of a mouse.Keep▓ing track of a huge cattle station in Australia can ▓mean driving

around the property for several hours a day.But for some farmers in Queensland, t▓echnology is now making the task a little easier through the use of satellite imagery.Wi

th th▓e help of a Global Positioning System, better known as GPS, this family now knows exactly what types of land exist on their ▓property.They can also use

it to track how much feed

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and water is available to their stock at all times.Population: 26,400Major areas of distribution: Inner Mongo▓lia and HeilongjiangLanguage: Ewenki and HanThis ethnic minority is distributed across ▓seven banners (counties) in the Inner Mo▓ngolia Autonomous Region and in Nahe County of Heilongjiang Province, where they live together with Mon▓golians,

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